Drop-Off/Pickup Procedure

Please review this map to familiarize yourself with our drop off/pickup procedures. It is very important that parents/guardians follow these instructions to keep traffic moving and to keep our dance families safe. Please drive carefully! Following the arrows on the map, dancers can be dropped off at our entrance door prior to class. Dancers should sanitize their hands upon arrival, find a cubby for their belongings and prepare for class. Our front desk staff is there to greet and help your dancer(s). At the end of class, dancers will collect their belongings and wait at our exit door with our staff for their ride. Please do not park in front of our studio. This sidewalk area needs to keep moving for the next class to be dropped off. Instead, parents are asked to park their cars in a parking spot and come to our exit door to greet their child. We do not want dancers running through the parking lot to their ride. Please help us keep the dancers safe by meeting your dancer at the exit door. Our preschool aged dancers may need a parent to escort them in. Parents/guardians of preschool aged dancers are welcome to come into our entrance door, help the dancer find a cubby and prepare for class, and once class begins we ask that parents/guardian wait outside. Dancers will collect their belongings at the end of their class and will be dismissed from our exit door. This has been our policy for the past four seasons and we have found that it works very, very well! There is limited space in the front desk area and this space is designed for the dancers belongings.

Thank you for your help and cooperation!