Congratulations to our competition team who competed at Dancers Inc. in Manahawkin, NJ March 17th-19th.
This was our first competition of the season and we are so proud of our dancers!

Lyrical Line, Falling: High Gold!

Jazz Group, Man’s World: High Gold!

Tap Group, Pack Up the Louie: High Gold!

Lyrical Duet, Haunted: Gold!

Musical Theater Duet, BFF: High Gold and the “Broadway Bound” award!

Jazz Group, Friend Like Me: High Gold!

Jazz Duet, A Dream is a Wish: Gold!

Lyrical Group, Dream a Little Dream: Gold!

Jazz Duet, Glam: Gold!

Lyrical Trio, Welcome to Wonderland: High Gold, Fourth Place overall, and the “Breath of Fresh Air” award!

Modern Duet, Ghost: High Gold and First Place overall!

Musical Theater Trio, The Lemonade Song: High Gold!

Jazz Group, Good Things: High Gold!

Ballet Group, Neverland: High Gold and First Place overall!

Modern Group, The Sun is Rising: High Gold and Seventh Place overall!

Musical Theater Group, Go With the Flow: Gold!

Lyrical Group, Punchline: Elite and the “Heart and Soul” award!

Musical Theater Group, Gaston: High Gold!

Modern Group, Detach: High Gold!

Modern Group, Avalanche: Elite!

Modern Solo, Giants: High Gold!

Modern Solo, Time of Our Lives: High Gold!

Contemporary Solo, This: High Gold!

Contemporary Solo, Leave a Light On: High Gold!

Lyrical Solo, Hold My Hand: Elite!

Lyrical Solo, Is That Alright?: High Gold!

Jazz Solo, Sparkling Diamonds: High Gold!

Jazz Solo, Make it Look Easy: Elite!

Lyrical Duet, Strangers: High Gold!

Jazz Duet, Good to Go: High Gold and First Place overall!

Jazz Duet, Kick Up Your Heels: High Gold!

Lyrical Group, Go the Distance: Gold and First Place overall!

Lyrical Group, Dreams: High Gold and Fifth Place overall!

Jazz Group, Yes, Yes I Can: Gold!

Jazz Group, Knock On Wood: High Gold, Third Place overall, and the “Attitude For Days” award!

Musical Theater Group, Beethoven Day: High Gold and the “Creative Concept” award!

Tap Group, Boogie Fever: High Gold!

Musical Theater Group, Omigod You Guys: Elite!

Lyrical Group, Glorious: High Gold and a Choreography award!

Jazz Group, Trouble: Elite!

Lyrical Group, A Storm is Coming: High Gold!

Tap Solo, Mr. Touchdown: Gold and the “VIP Player” award!

Contemporary Solo, One: High Gold!

Lyrical Solo, Wake Me Up: Elite!

Jazz Solo, Money: High Gold!