Doylestown Dance Centre’s Competition Team attended our first Competition of the season, Breakout, in Somerset, NJ February 7th-9th! We are so proud of our team. DDC also won the Studio of Excellence Award! To me this is the such an honor and something we achieved as a team! Thank you dancers for your hard work, your professionalism both on and off stage, your respect for each other and your fellow dancers. Parents, thank you for the hard work you put in to making this a great weekend for your kids! And teachers, thank you for sharing your passion with us and thank you for pouring so much into these routines. Congratulations DDC, on a great start! We do it again in two weeks!

Our results are listed below as well as some pictures from our weekend together. Enjoy


Solos, Duets and Trios

Adeline’s Musical Theater Solo: High Gold and Outstanding Showmanship Award!

Emma’s Jazz Solo: High Gold and Infectious Facials Special Judges Award!

Natasha’s Contemporary Solo: High Gold!

Juliette’s Contemporary Ballet Solo: High Gold!

Kaitlin’s Tap Solo: High Gold!

Hannah’s Lyrical Solo: High Gold!

Allison’s Lyrical Solo: High Gold!

Julia’s Jazz Solo: High Gold!

Ashley’s Contemporary Solo: High Gold!

Sophia’s Tap Solo: High Gold!

Elizabeth’s Contemporary Solo: High Gold!

Danielle’s Lyrical Solo: Platinum!

Ashley’s Lyrical Solo: High Gold!

Lindsay and Braelyn’s Modern Duet: High Gold and 3rd Place Overall!

Shawn’s Tap Solo: High Gold, 10th Place Overall and Showmanship Award!

Emma and Sydney’s Modern Duet: Platinum and 3rd Place Overall!

Samantha and Hannah’s Tap Duet: Platinum, 4th Place Overall and Crisp and Clean Special Judges Award!

Hannah and Lindsey’s Lyrical Duet: Platinum and 5th Place Overall!

Vanessa and Brogan’s Lyrical Duet: High Gold!

Madigan and Emma’s Lyrical Duet: High Gold!

Gaby and Adeline’s Jazz Duet: High Gold!

Hannah and Danielle’s Lyrical Duet: High Gold, 1st in the Category and 9th Place Overall!

Juliette and Natasha’s Lyrical Duet: High Gold!

Allison and Danielle’s Lyrical Duet: High Gold!

Elizabeth and Julia’s Musical Theater Duet: High Gold and 5th Place Overall!

Samantha’s Lyrical Solo: High Gold!

Lindsey’s Lyrical Solo: High Gold!

Violet’s Musical Theater Solo: High Gold!


Small Groups and Large Groups

Pre Teen/Teen Ballet Small Group: High Gold!

Pre Teen/Teen Modern Small Group: High Gold, 3rd Place Overall and Emotional Execution Special Judges Award!

Pre Teen/Teen Lyrical Large Group: High Gold and 10th Place Overall!  

Jr Musical Theater Small Group: High Gold and 6th Place Overall!

Jr/Pre Teen Jazz Large Group: High Gold and 2nd Place Overall!

Jr Tap Large Group: Platinum, 2nd Place Overall and Cool and Classy Special Judges Award!

Jr/Pre Teen Lyrical Line: High Gold and 3rd Place Overall!

Teen/Sr Musical Theater Large Group: Platinum and 5th Place Overall!

Teen Jazz Large Group: High Gold!

Sr Jazz Small Group: Platinum and 3rd Place Overall!

Teen/Sr Contemporary Small Group: High Gold!

Teen/Sr Lyrical Small Group: Platinum!

Teen/Sr Tap Large Group: High Gold!

Special thanks to our friends, family and teachers who came out to support us and cheer us on!